Monday, January 2, 2023

Sean O’Malley Responds To Petr Yan’s Threats To Leave The UFC

Sean O’Malleyhas some thoughts on recent comments made byPetr Yan.

If there has ever been an example of how quickly fortunes can change in MMA, it is Petr Yan. He went from feared champion to losing his titledue toanillegalknee andhas now faced losses in three of his last four after suffering asplit-decisiondefeattoAljamain Sterlingin their rematch, as well as O’Malley in one of themost highlycontesteddecisions of all time.

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Sean O’Malley Responds To Petr Yan

Following this string of setbacks, Petr Yan has expressed his frustrations and suggested thathe may not stay in the UFC much longer.This is something that Sean O’Malley is paying attention to quite closely, as he explained in his recent appearance on theJoe Rogan Experience.

Here, O’Malley spoke to how unfortunate the situation is that Yan has found himself in, but ultimately feels like parts of it are in his own hands. So, while Suga’ Sean understands why his former foe feels likethe UFC does not have his back,he has a limited amount of sympathy for the former champ.

“It’s so crazy, like if Yan didn’t (illegally knee Aljamain Sterling), Yan wouldn’t have ended up having to fight me. He’s just had such… like, that sucks,” O’Malley said. “I’m so curious what that dude does next. I think he’s been kinda off the grid, not saying stuff. He feels like theUFCdoesn’t have his back or whatever. I’m like, first of all, you fucking kneed a guy while he was down. That was your own fault, didn’t have anything to do with the UFC. They give you a rematch, you lose a close fight to Aljo, then you lost a close fight to me.”

Despite Sean O’Malley’s brutally honest response to Yan’s frustrations, he ultimately seems to have respect for Petr Yan and does not seem to want him out of the UFC. After the two of them hadsuch aclosefight,it would be a shame to never see a rematch between these two top bantamweights at some point down the line.

Do you think Petr Yan is going to leave the UFC?What other promotions would make sense for him?

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