Sunday, January 1, 2023

Chael Sonnen Discusses “Best In The World” Fighter Who Didn’t Gain Recognition

In a recent video for his YouTube channel, formerUFCmiddleweight and light heavyweight contender Chael Sonnen discussed money fights vs. title fights.

“The Bad Guy” explained that championship success doesn’t always guarantee fame and recognition. On the flip side, there are fighters with huge personalities and appeal who draw major audiences despite being out of the title picture.

Chael Sonnen used the late Kimbo Slice as an example of a limited fighter who managed to attain celebrity status. In contrast, Sonnen discussed an MMA legend who was widely regarded as the P4P best in the world during the late ’90s and early noughties. “The American Gangster” noted that despite this fighter’s versatile talent in the Octagon and numerous accolades in MMA, he was not a name like Slice was.

The fighter in question was none other than Frank Shamrock, the inaugural UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Despite dominating in the UFC, Strikeforce, and the WEC, Shamrock’s legacy is arguably underrated these days.

“He’s Not In The Hall Of Fame But He Belongs There” – Chael Sonnen On Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock in his prime.

Chael Sonnendiscussed Frank Shamrock’s impressive abilities as a fighter in his prime. He also noted that, despite Shamrock’s numerous accomplishments in MMA, he’s not in the UFC Hall of Fame.

“Frank Shamrock was the best in the world, not maybe — not Chael’s opinion, Frank Shamrock was the best at a time where no one was watching the sport,” Sonnen explained. “I’ve never asked Frank if that was hard for him… But I can imagine he would’ve liked some of that recognition, he would’ve liked some of that notoriety.”

Chael Sonnen continued by comparing Shamrock to Kimbo Slice.

“He’s not in the Hall of Fame but he belongs there… Which would you rather be? Would you rather be as good as Frank Shamrock when nobody was watching, or would you rather have the skills of Kimbo Slice… You have an absolute main eventer in Kimbo Slice, who was selling out arenas. He could not walk down the street without people rushing out to be with him.”

Frank Shamrock retired from MMA after his April 2009 loss to Nick Diaz in Strikeforce. A variety of theories regarding hisomission from the UFC Hall of Fameand potential behind-the-scenes issues withDana Whiteand co. have spread over the years.

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