Monday, January 2, 2023

Dana White Sends Message & Advice To Younger Generation

UFCPresidentDana Whitehas never been shy to make his voice heard on a number of topics, and that includes the direction in which the United States is headed.

Although it’s long been claimed that the promotion itself is apolitical, something which has been considerably disputed, its leading man since the turn of the century certainly can’t be branded close to the same.

While he’sdismissed any notion that he’s a “crazy Republican,” White has demonstrated conservative views a number of times in the past,even giving speeches in support of former president Donald Trump at both the 2016 and 2020 Republican National Conventions.

Dana White & Donald Trump
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White fell on the same part of the political spectrum when it came to COVID-19. As well as claiming that he didn’t “give a sh*t” about the pandemic and wouldn’t be cancelling events,the 53-year-old accused the media of attempting to cut the UFC down once it began to stage events againfollowing a brief pause.

He shared a similar sentiment duringan appearance onThe Schmozone Podcastin 2020, once again regarding the reaction to coronavirus.


In addition to lockdowns and mask mandates, some Republicans and prominent figures have pointed to increasing tolerance, as well as efforts to combat global warming, as evidence that society is changing in a less than desirable way.

White himself recently provided a pretty grim outlook on the next generation and the chances of it avoiding the abyss he’s concerned it could lead the nation into,once again branding them a “group of pussies.”


White Pleads With Young Generation Not To ‘Mess This Up’

Duringa recent interview with Grant Cardone, White recalled the worldwide response to the pandemic, which caused countries to close their borders amidst a rapidly rising death toll that now sits above six million.

After claiming that no country comes close to the United States, especially in regards to freedom, White implored the next generation to avoid ‘f*cking it up’ by relying on government policy and intervention to dictate their lives and careers.

“Something interesting happened during COVID,” White recalled. “My son’s girlfriend says to me, ‘If this thing all falls apart (in the US), where would you go?’ I looked at her and said, ‘Honey, there’s nowhere else to go… This is it.’ We f*ck this up, it’s a wrap… That’s up to this next generation.

“We could (mess this up). This next generation needs to — great quote from Ronald Reagan, ‘Freedom is only one generation away from extinction.’ It’s so true,” White added. “All you young people that are watching this right now, you don’t want anything from the government. The only thing you want from the government is for them to stay out of your business, that’s it. If you think the government is ever gonna take care of you and make your hopes and dreams come true, you are out of your mind.”

In a similar vein, White spoke out against the narrative that a college education is a necessity, citing his own success story and the flaws in the system as evidence that it’s down to young individuals to shape their own paths.

The UFC president also called on today’s youth to identify what they want and “run over” the softest ones in the next generation.

What do you make of Dana White’s remarks for the next generation?

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