Sunday, January 1, 2023

Zion Clark To Release Book Detailing Inspirational Story

Zion Clark, the wrestler turned MMA fighter who was born without legs, is sharing his story with the world.

It does not get much more motivational than the story of Clark, the collegiate wrestler from Ohio who was born without legs, due to a medical condition known as Caudal regression syndrome. Not only was he able to turn things around and find success on the mats, but he used that success to transition to the world of MMA,earning a victory in his first procontest,scoring a decision against Eugene Murray.

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Zion Clark To Release A Book

At only 25 years old, the story of Zion Clark is one that is still being written, but so far it has been one full of overcoming difficult circumstances to find success. This type of life story is inspirational to anyone who has the chance to hear it told.

Well, it appears that more people are going to be having this opportunity, according to a recent interview withTMZ Sports. Here, Clark revealed that he is working on a book, which will tell his inspirational story so far.

“Coming out in the new year, I’m releasing a book calledWork With What You Gotthrough Candlewick (publishing), by me and my writer James Hurst, which is an award-winning writer,” Clark explained. “I had the pleasure of working with him over the last year, two years, two and a half years of him just coming out to California, following me around the whole country, just seeing how I think, seeing how I move, talking to the people that got to watch me grow up, for all my viewpoints and thoughts on different situations.

“Especially the foster care system, which is something big that I’m working on, to help these kids,” Clark added. “This book hits every point, and I hope it opens the eyes to everyone that is either thinking about participating, or who is currently participating in the efforts to give these kids good homes and good settlements, so they can thrive and become participating citizens of our country.”

It is incredible to see someone like Zion Clark working to give back to his community, and inspire others to overcome whatever is in their path. It will be fascinating to see his story continue to unfold.

Will you be reading Zion Clark’s book when it comes out?

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