UFC 258: Usman vs. Burns Staff Predictions

更新:Bobby Green VS. Jim Miller现在已经被删除了从主卡。

明天晚上在UFC 258,莱特重王Kamaru Usman将捍卫他的头衔Gilbert Burnsin the main event and look to break the record of Georges St-Pierre with the most consecutive wins in the division. Usman’s former teammate Burns will have something to say about that, as he tries to make history of his own by becoming the first Brazilian welterweight champion.

Also taking place on the main card is 22-year-old upstart Maycee Barber facing the dangerous Alexa Grasso and Kelvin Gastelum taking on Ian Heinisch in a bout between two ranked and highly regarded middleweights. You can view the full main card below:

  • UFC Welterweight Championship Bout: Kamaru Usman (c) vs. Gilbert Burns
  • Maycee Barber与Alexa Grando
  • Kelvin Gastelum vs. Ian Heinisch
  • Ricky Simon vs. Brian Kelleher
  • Julian Marquez vs. Maki Pitolo

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Julian Marquez vs. Maki Pitolo

克莱德·艾杜:我认为这是一场追溯的轨道斗争Dana White’s Contender Seriesalum Marquez. I think Marquez is still a major prospect at middleweight, even after suffering his first loss to Alessio Di Chirico in 2018. There are certainly some questions on how Marquez will look after a two-year layoff, but I think he’ll still be too physical and imposing for Pitolo, who is currently on a two-fight skid. (Pick: Julian Marquez)

Ed Carbazel公司:皮托洛是前次中量级冠军,从他在冠军争夺赛的日子,虽然他是摆脱了两个连败,他仍然显示出冠军的努力。另外,马奎兹也失去了自己。根据皮托洛的经验,这场战斗可能对他有利。(挑选:Maki Pitolo)




克莱德·艾杜:只要这两个人一直在为战斗而战,那么第一个看的东西就是职业轨迹和势头。对于Bobby Green,他赢得了他最后四次战斗的三个。与此同时,Jim Miller失去了他最后三次战斗中的两个。When you combine that with the fact that Green is three years younger than the 37-year-old Miller and the fact that Green has a noticeable strength and striking advantage, I’m going to go with Green, especially since Green has not been submitted since 2009, and that is perhaps Miller’s best path to victory. (Pick: Bobby Green)

Ed Carbazel公司:两人的损失与漂亮的tough opponents, and while many think Miller may be coming close to the end of his career, he does not fight that way. Add that along with his library of tough fights and it makes it hard to pick against the other staple fighter out of New Jersey. (Pick: Jim Miller)

安德鲁·乌鸦:A fun fight with some UFC veterans who are looking for a win. Green looked great as of late with a three-fight losing streak until he got outpointed by Thiago Moisés in his last fight. Miller, who always brings a tough and entertaining style, has been up and down as of late with trading wins and losses. I have to side with Green here, but it goes the distance. (Pick: Bobby Green)

Consensus: 2-1 Bobby Green

Kelvin Gastelum vs. Ian Heinisch

克莱德·艾杜:Ian Heinisch is a physical specimen who gives it everything he’s got each time out, but I think he’s in a little over his head here. Heinisch has struggled against tougher competition thus far in the UFC, with losses to Derek Brunson and Omari Akhmedov both by unanimous decision. Gastleum is better than both these men in my opinion and may even be the toughest stylistically for Heinisch with his striking skills and wrestling background.

另外,在失去三个直的后,Gastelum的背部是靠墙,我想我们会看到他像一个男人的角落而来,这是一种致命的组合,当在像Gastelum这样的人的手中是一种致命的组合。(挑选:Kelvin Gastelum)

Ed Carbazel公司:加斯特鲁姆可能把自己最好的一面留在了笼子里,因为他输给了现任冠军以色列队。在那之后他又遭受了两次损失,他非常需要一场胜利。海因尼奇是从TKO战胜杰拉尔德·米尔斯切特的比赛中走出来的,他很可能会被一些人看好。尽管如此,一个遭受一连串损失的战士和一只受伤的动物一样危险。加斯特鲁姆已经有足够的休息时间了,也许这就是他重新获得胜利的地方。(选择:开尔文·加斯特卢姆)

安德鲁·乌鸦:Gastelum has fallen off a cliff and desperately needs a win here after dropping his last three fights. Luckily for Kelvin, the UFC has given him a notable fighter whom the hardcore fans know of. But if you’re a casual fan, then you would be overlooking Ian. This is a perfect fight for him to get back on his winning ways, and I see that happening with a dominating decision win. (Prediction: Kelvin Gastelum)

共识:3-0 Kelvin Gastelum

Maycee Barber与Alexa Grando

克莱德·艾杜:I love a lot about Maycee Barber, and I am compelled to pick her. But I think a major cause for that compulsion is the contrast in personalities here. Barber is the type to talk you into believing in her the same way she believes in herself. Meanwhile, Grasso is very quiet, reserved, and lets her fists do the talking.

I believe that Barber would still be undefeated if she did not suffer an injury in her fight against Roxanne Modafferi, so I’m still very high on her, but I simply don’t know if there’s many 22-year-olds in the world who can beat Alexa Grasso, especially the version of her that showed up in her flyweight debut last August. Barber is certainly a special 22-year-old, but I think Grasso is a bad matchup for her, as I don’t think she will back down and will instead put together better combinations than Barber. on her way to the win. (Pick: Alexa Grasso)

Ed Carbazel公司:大理发师在伤害延长后回来。第一次反击可能是艰难的,即使是游戏作为理发师的游戏也是如此,特别是对胜利的Grando的喜欢。理发师是一种刮刀,但她可能需要在回到她膝盖伤之前的地方之前服用一些颠簸。(挑选:Alexa Grando)

安德鲁·乌鸦:A lot of people will criticize this fight for being in this position and rightfully so. On paper, this seems like an easy pick. Barber had her 8-fight winning streak snapped in her previous fight thanks to Roxanne Modafferi. On the flip side, Grasso has gone 3-2 in her last five. Barber walks away with the decision win.
(预测:Maycee Barber)

共识:2-1 Alexa Grando

Kamaru Usman与Gilbert Burns

克莱德·艾杜:我坚信Kamaru Usman正在追踪,成为所有时间的最伟大的情怀。在这里赢得胜利,他将拥有第一次支持这个名称,因为他将在该部门的历史中连续最多的胜利。当你和美国人所证明的那样伟大时,即使你看到像Gilbert Burns这样的噩梦风格的风格成功,它也是不可能的。通过培训获得的内部知识之间,Jiu-Jitsu来中和Usman的摔跤,以及他在两只手中拥有的明显引人注目的力量,这将是一个非常非常艰难的Usman。但我不能与智商战斗和赢得Usman精神的男人反对,是莱特重量师的终极竞争对手。(挑选:Kamaru Usman)

Ed Carbazel公司:这是姗姗来迟的,两人都不仅仅是彼此熟悉。考虑到这一点,这并不令人惊讶的是烧伤是弱者。然而,休闲粉丝可能不知道是,即使烧伤不竞争MMA,他也可以竞争九吉湖的最高水平。如果战斗走向地面,他就可以在那里有利。乌斯曼最近一直在占主导地位,而他确实知道烧得很好,因为这两个男人都知道他们必须改变事情,他可能会感到惊讶。我喜欢这里的失败者。(挑选:吉尔伯特烧伤)

安德鲁·乌鸦:Finally, we’re going to see this fight. If there are any doubters left of whether Burns is the real deal, they could be proven wrong here. As good as Burns is, I have a hard time thinking that anyone in the welterweight division can beat Usman at this time. Burns is likely the second-best fighter in the division, and we will see a rematch down the road. But the longer the fight goes, Usman starts to take over en route to a decision win. (Prediction: Kamaru Usman)

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