Friday, July 15, 2022

Dana White Says Jake Paul Has A 0% Chance Of Boxing Conor McGregor

UFCpresident,Dana Whitedoesn’t see a world where Jake Paul boxesConor McGregor, despite the fact Paul has been vocal about it.

For months now, Paulhas been calling out several fightersincluding McGregor. He made a ‘sleepy McGregor’ chain and after he broke his leg, Paul claimed he has lost interest in fighting the Irishman, but he remains on his hit list. However, for White, he doesn’t think the fight even makes sense due to the fact Paul competes at 190lbs while McGregor is at 155lbs.

“He’s calling out Conor. Conor’s a 145-pound champion and a 155-pound champion,” White said onNelk Boys’ Full Send podcast. “You’re f***ing way bigger than Conor.”

当被问及保罗与麦格雷戈有机会of ever happening, White was quick to respond saying “zero.”

Jake Paul, Conor McGregor
Image Credit: Jake Paul’s Instagram

White does have a point that Paul has been calling out fighters way smaller than him. He has been fighting former UFC welterweights and even called out Gervonta Davis who competes at 135lbs or 140lbs. Paul, meanwhile, has been fighting at 190lbs.

McGregor is rehabbing his leg injury and is still under UFC contract. With him under contract, and White not liking Paul, it seems certain that he wouldn’t allow the Irishman to box the brash YouTuber as he allowed McGregor to box Floyd Mayweather.

Jake Paul is set to return to the boxing ring on August 29 against Tyron Woodley. It is Paul’s toughest fight of his career as he is only 3-0 as a pro and coming off a KO win over Ben Askren in April. If he beats Woodley, it’s uncertain who would be next, but one thing is for sure, McGregor and Paul won’t be boxing one another anytime soon.

Would you like to see Jake Paul box Conor McGregor sometime in the near future?

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