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本周在船谈ep。2:Sonnen Tackles Silva vs. adesanya

At the start of the year,we published a piece differentiating between the terms GOAT and BOAT。作为山羊,运动员能够通过他们的荣誉,记录,冠军等来实现持续的伟大。但是这谈到了一艘船?

船是最好的。不像山羊,you aren’t bound by the laws of longevity. There’s no need to wait for a decade or more to begin a conversation that you can plainly see is going to happen anyway. Nope, you can strictly go by talent and the likelihood to win any given contest, no matter the circumstances.

你可以查看ep。1of “This Week In BOAT Talk” here

本周在船上谈话,Chael Sonnen.tackles the debate ofAnderson Silvavs.以色列adesanya.for middleweight supremacy.

Last week,丹尼尔鸬鹚gave his take on just who is the middleweight GOAT. Seeing as how the majority of people define a “GOAT” to be the man who has the most accomplishments in a given field, Cormier considered it an insult to rank anyone over Anderson Silva, who has the most successful title defenses inUFC.middleweight history. Below, you can find Mr. Cormier’s argument.

“不。Dude,安德森席尔瓦存在。安德森席尔瓦存在。比如,我没有得到这个粉丝所拥有的这个新月偏见,“鸬鹚在最近的一集中表示DC&RC。“Honestly RC, I think the word ‘GOAT’ gets thrown around way too easy in fight sports. The only person that doesn’t get passed is Muhammad Ali and there have been some really impressive fighters, but people recognize what Muhammad Ali was. Anderson Silva was to MMA what Muhammad Ali was to boxing. No, [Israel Adesanya] has some work to do to catch Anderson.” (h/t SportsKeeda)

Chael Sonnen将鸬鹚为MW Goat Take进行任务
Chael Sonnen,Daniel Cormier

Chael Sonnen对这场辩论感到坚强,只有鸬鹚,只有他正在采取对面。Sonnen和Cormier都竞争以前与安德森席尔瓦相媲美。Sonnen两次跌倒,而鸬鹚在UFC 200击败Silva。Sonnen认为,尽管他认为“最后一个风格的弯曲”将蜘蛛的地方挤压为MW Goat,但Sonnen认为胜利是DC放置Silva的最合乎逻辑的解释。

“(Cormier) said that other people come up to him all the time and ask him about Adesanya. And then they, in their question about Adesanya, say to him, ‘Is he the greatest of all time?’ Daniel pushed back and said, ‘Time out. Recency bias aside, Anderson Silva existed. Anderson Silva is the greatest of all time.’ He then went on to talk about (how) we always do that. We always pass up somebody with somebody new, and the only sports figure in history that that hasn’t happened to is Muhammad Ali.’ What in the BLEEP is Daniel Cormier talking about?!” Sonnen在他的YouTube频道上说


Sonnen还将使用Muhammad Ali作为“山羊”标签错误使用的例子。Sonnen认为,如果我们是调查2022年的培训师和拳击手,他们观看了电影以提高他们的技术和技能,那就不会是穆罕默德阿里。

Sonnen would go on to shoot down common arguments found in GOAT debates where the losing fighter is granted an “out-of-prime” exception.

“Look, if we are at least down to Adesanya and Anderson, we’ve done a good and fair job as a community. Because those are the two. I will tell you this: they fought. And it was a good fight. Adesanya won two rounds to one. Everybody saw it the same as the judges. Adesanya won 1 and 3; Anderson won number 2. It was a valiant effort by Anderson. It was closer than any of us thought that it was gonna be. It was a great fight. But that still answers the question, if you’re being fair. If you want to be unfair and your side doesn’t win, you (say), ‘Well, he wasn’t in his prime.’ Shut up with all that. Just stop. Stop.”

raybet欧洲MMA新闻:Faigio Werdum希望联邦议员Emelianenko Rematch在俄罗斯
Fabricio Werdum vs. Fedor Emelianenko, Image Credit: Associated Press

One person who is often granted an out-of-prime exemption is heavyweight legendFedor Emelianenko。Those who argue he is the heavyweight or overall MMA GOAT dismiss losses to names like Dan Henderson, Fabricio Werdum, and Antonio Silva because Fedor (who was in his early-mid 30s at the time of those losses) was out of his prime. Sonnen appears to believe that Anderson Silva is being granted this same exemption when it comes to his loss to Israel Adesanya at UFC 234.


如果Daniel Cormier和Chael Sonnen就这个问题有一个面对面的辩论,我可以向你保证,他们会在圈子里谈谈。作为他们正在辩论两件不同的东西的原因。丹尼尔鸬鹚在山羊辩论中,而Chael Sonnen乘船辩论。


It is undebatable that “BOAT” is one of those words; that it has a clear difference in meaning than GOAT; and most importantly, that we need to finally add it to the English and sports lexicon.

你可以查看Chael Sonnen.’s full BOAT take below.

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